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Command line options to cover

     cover -help -info -version -summary
           -report report_format -option option
           -file filename -coverage criterion -write [db]
           coverage_database [coverage_database ...]

The following reports are currently available:

     text                  - detailed textual summary
     html                  - detailed HTML reports

The following command line options are supported:

     -summary              - give summary report          (default on)
     -report report_format - report format required       (default none)
     -option               - options for report
     -file filename        - only report on the file      (default all)
     -write [db]           - write the merged database    (default off)
     -coverage criterion   - report on criterion  (default all available)
     -h -help              - show help
     -i -info              - show documentation
     -v -version           - show version

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