Year Location Topic Paper Slides
2002 YAPC Munich Testing and Code Coverage paper slides
2003 YAPC Paris Devel::Cover paper slides
GEDCOM paper slides
2005 YAPC Braga Devel::Cover - An Introduction paper slides
Advanced use of Devel::Cover slides
SureSpell - Teaching Dyslexic Children Language Skills paper slides
2006 YAPC Birmingham Testing Web Applications slides
Enigmatic Perl paper slides
2007 YAPC Vienna Gluing a Bank Together slides
2008 Google OS Jam 22nd May Code Coverage - Lightning Talk slides
NPW Sockholm Testing and Code Coverage (updated) slides
Gluing a Bank Together (updated) slides
YAPC Copenhagen Effective Code Coverage slides
2009 YAPC Lisbon Banking on Perl slides
2010 YAPC Pisa How to Create High Quality Software slides
2012 YAPC Frankfurt Bringing Perl to a Younger Generation paper slides
2013 Swiss Perl Workshop Practical Code Coverage paper slides
London Perl Workshop A Productivity Enhancing Perl Environment slides
2014 Swiss Perl Workshop Building with Docker slides
Austrian Perl Workshop Building with Docker slides
I Am Developer slides
London Perl Workshop I Am Developer slides
2017 Swiss Perl Workshop Modernising a Legacy Perl Application slides

My SureSpell paper won the award for the best paper at YAPC::EU 2005 in Braga.