Thu, 18 Feb 2010

Canon PIXMA MX860 on Ubuntu 9.10

Keywords: Canon PIXMA MX860 ubuntu install

MX860 drivers for printing and scanning can be downloaded from Canon. Uncompress them and cd into the created directory:

$ tar xvzf cnijfilter-mx860series-3.10-1-i386-deb.tar.gz
$ cd cnijfilter-mx860series-3.10-1-i386-deb

Installation is performed by runing the script. The script tries to determine whether to use rpm or dpkg but got confused when it found both on my system. This can be fixed quite easily by forcing the issue:

$ perl -pi.bak -e 's/rpm --version/XXX/'

Then install with:

$ sudo ./

Do exactly the same with the driver for the scanner, scangearmp-mx860series-1.30-1-i386-deb

If the printer is already on the network it can be configured with System -> Administration -> Printing and then clicking on New.

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