Mon, 07 Aug 2006

Configuring Ion

I use ion as my window manager and on a new Ubuntu installation I decided to use ion3 instead of ion2 as on all my other installations. I don't like the standard ion configuration which hijacks all my function keys, but that was easily fixed by changing /etc/default/ion3 to


This uses the otherwise useless "Windows" key for options which previously had no modifier.

Then, to set the terminal emulator I want,

# update-alternatives --config x-terminal-emulator

and select uxterm, an xterm that knows about UTF8.

Then, I like to use Control-Left and Control-Right to move between objects within frames. This is done by adding the following as ~/.ion3/default-session--0/cfg_user.lua

defbindings("WFrame", {
    bdoc("Switch to next/previous object within the frame."),
    kpress("Control+Right", "WFrame.switch_next(_)"),
    kpress("Control+Left",  "WFrame.switch_prev(_)"),

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