Sat, 30 Sep 2017

Upgrading android on Nexus 6P

In order to upgrade a rooted Nexus 6P:

The codename for this device is "angler".

  • Download the image.
  • Follow section 9 of this guide.
    • Plug the USB cable in and on a windows terminal check the connection:
      • adb devices
    • Boot into bootloader by holding down power and volume down for five seconds or so and check the connection
      • fastboot devices
    • Flash TWRP if it is not already there. Follow the guide. See this guide too.
    • NOTE that in order to boot into recovery mode the USB cable probably needs to be disconnected.
    • Install Magisk from this guide.
      • Copy the magisk zip file with "adb push G:\g\n6p\ /mnt/sdcard"

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Tue, 26 Jul 2011 has stopped unexpectedly

With Cyanogenmod I kept getting the message:

"the process has stopped unexpectedly"

when running Market or a music player.

The fix for me was to umount and then remount the SD card.

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